We Fix Bad UX

Are you spending a fortune on your website, app or software without getting the desired results?

What we do

Do you have a website, mobile app, web application, software or any digital product? Then you will have users who engage with your products. If your users do not enjoy interacting with your products or struggle to complete the intended tasks, you are losing a big chunk of revenue without realising it.

That's where FixThatUX comes in. We review your product, identify the pain points that are affecting your user's experience negatively.

How we do it

Identifying UX flaws and issues are very different from identifying visual defects. Your users are most likely to give up and move on instead of complaining about their frustration. You would never be able to know how your users feel when they are using your product.

We have a team of professional UX and UI experts with years of experience, who will review your products, understand your users and if required, reiterate your product with a better and profitable user experience.

Global Customer Base

Our customers are located around the globe. Our teams are global and fully understand the users behavior based on their regions.

How it works


Get Your Product Audited

Our UX UI professionals will audit your product for flaws that are effecting your user’s experience.


See the issues

We will prepare a detailed report showing our findings. Pinpoint the exact flow and its solution.


Get them fixed

Our team of highly skilled professionals will not only fix your design but also the develop the code.

Do you know what UX really is?