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At FixThatUX we have three (3) packages

1- Review

This package includes the only review of your selected option. We will review whether it’s a Page, Journey or a Full application. This package does not include any recommendations or highlighting the exact location of the issue on your digital platform. E.g., we will tell you that there are 3 Usability, 2 User Interface, 5 Content, 1 Navigation issues.

2- Recommend

This package includes a review of your selected option and our recommendations on how to fix identified issues. We will review whether it’s a Page, Journey or a Full application, and our report will highlight the exact location of the flaws with our recommendations. This package does not include any fixing of the defects, however, our report will help your teams to implement the fixes.

3- Redesign

This package consists of a complete redesign of your digital platform… We will redesign your website/mobile app or software using UX best practices and provide you with the final interactive prototype, wireframes and UI design so you can get this developed by your development team. If you’ve purchased the Review/Recommend package for the same platform previously, that price will adjust in the Redesign package.

4. Options

You can select three (3) options for us to review/recommend or a redesign.

1- Per Page

This option covers a single page of your website/app or software. E.g. Services page, Basket page, Checkout page, sign up page etc. It does not include single-page websites/apps or software. 

2- Per Journey

If you select this option, we will provide our services related to one journey. E.g. Sign up journey, checkout journey, or any task related journey that includes multiple users touch-points. This will only be customer-facing and not the admin or CMS facing platform. 

3- Full Application

Full Application option includes your full customer-facing mobile app, website or software. It does not include an internal platform or CMS. If you require our services for the customer and internal-facing platform, please get in touch.

5. Revisions

None of the available packages comes with Revisions. The industry experts generate this report, therefore you will only get a single report.

6. Refunds

Refunds are not offered under any circumstances unless agreed otherwise.

7. Cancellation

We reserve the right to cancel or decline any order for any reason. If we cancel your order, you will get the refund in full. If we believed that you have chosen a wrong package, we would notify you, and you will have the option to either cancel the order for a full refund or choose the correct package.

8. Your details

The details you share with us will be entirely confidential. The report we create for you will be password protected, and only you will be given a one time password.